Interative Broker Journey(14)

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Personal Thoughts

My position has not changed much in the past few months. I still hold Tencent, Bilibili, A50 futures and crude oil. Of course, there are some occasional trades about buying low and selling high, and I won’t go into details here.

Even if the price of Chinese concept stock rebounded by nearly 20% from a low point, the market’s analysis of most Chinese concept stocks is still focused on “finding problems”, while the market’s analysis of popular stocks such as NVIDIA, Apple, and Tesla is more In “storytelling”.

With the stability of the regulatory environment and the gradual recovery of stock prices, the analysis of China concept stocks will eventually shift from “finding problems” to “telling stories”, and valuation will therfore take a substantial leap. That’s the reason why I don’t hold U.S. technology stocks for now.

The Bridgewater Fund announced its third-quarter position and substantially increased its holdings in China’s concept stocks. Presumably, the logic is similar.

The end of the year is finally coming, and the annual vacation is about to go ^_^. I also consider carefully researching and studying what Metaverse is, to see if there are any investment opportunities and potential leading companies. However, at least at first glance, it is difficult for small companies to have any room for development in the early stage of Metaverse construction. The cake is most likely to belong to a large company like Facebook (hehe, i.e. Meta).

Recently undergo the Invisalign treatment, and also on diet, T.T so cannot enjoy milk tea, but I often enjoy it in my dream 😂